Shelter Apricot Kush Full Spectrum 510 Thread Cartridge (Vapes)

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Brand: shelter
  • THC

    71 - 77%

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What is Shelter Apricot Kush Full Spectrum 510 Thread Cartridge?

Apricot Kush is an indica-dominant cultivar with 707 Headband, SFV OG Kush, and God Bud lineage. It has a gentle earthy aroma, with rich apricot and stone fruit flavours. Shelter Signature’s 100% pure cannabis oil is CO2-derived from single-origin, cultivar-specific extracts in partnership with Kootenay, BC-based Christina Lake Cannabis. All terpenes are cannabis-derived to deliver a full-spectrum oil that honours the integrity of each cultivar, and the carts are processed without additives, fillers, or artificial flavours.

Terpene Profile