HIFI 4G (Flower)

Rating: 0.00/10
Brand: citizen stash
  • THC

    20 - 26%

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What is HIFI 4G?

HiFi is a pure indica strain delivering THC levels between 20 – 26%. Bred by the legendary Seed Junky Genetics, HiFi is a cross between Wifi 43 and High Octane BX3. HiFi offers a balanced, sweet and sour flavour profile with a fruity finish and a strong, gassy aroma. HiFi’s trichome-dusted buds are numerous shades of green with striking orange pistils throughout. As with all Citizen Stash strains, Hifi is hand-harvested, hand-trimmed, and expertly cured in small batches without the use of pesticides.

Terpene Profile