Kish (Concentrates)

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Brand: greybeard
  • THC

    73 - 79%

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What is Kish?

Kish is a Canadian Original original, a brilliant outdoor grower with outstanding terp levels and bulging trichomes, this strain is a renegade mix of DJ Short, Blueberry and Afghani. Once the top colas of our 2019 outdoor-grown Kish hit 19.5% THC and a terpene content of over 5% in the field, we topped those trees and immediately froze them to lock it all in. Kish Terp Slush gives off notes of raspberry, mango, and pine, with a strong hit of sweet orange at the finish. Greybeard Live Resin Terp Slush also has a wonderfully granular consistency that makes it a breeze to use in dab rigs and pens. Easily view; store details, menus and community member reviews with

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