Baleen (Flower)

Rating: 0.00/10
Brand: organigram
  • THC

    4 - 7%
  • CBD

    8 - 10%

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What is Baleen?

In the world of aquatic animals, none are more powerful in size and their place in the food chain than that of the baleen whale. Commanding the Atlantic – and in oceans around the planet – the 14 types of baleen whales that make up the species are admired, studied and protected. Organigram’s Baleen is a high-CBD, low-THC strain of whole-flower cannabis that's gentle, yet powerful, with earthy notes and a lush bud structure. Patients with conditions in which pain is the dominant symptom prefer Baleen for its mild cerebral and powerful pain-relieving properties. Baleen is reputed by patients as a relaxing, calming strain appropriate for consumption at any time of day.

Terpene Profile