Kanata (Flower)

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Brand: organigram
  • THC

    16 - 18%

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What is Kanata?

Drawing from French, British and Aboriginal influences, the name ‘Canada’ itself is representative of all the nation’s founding peoples. Derived from the Huron-Iroquois word ‘kanata,’ (translated as ‘village’ or ‘settlement’) European explorer Jacques Cartier first referred to the region around modern-day Quebec City as ‘Canada’ around 1535. The name was adopted in various applications through the colonies, and eventually, Confederation gave birth to a new nation in 1867, dubbed Canada. Kanata is a bold indica-dominant flower, lauded by patients for its calming, euphoric properties that help relax the body and ease the mind. Like a bouquet of fresh roses with notes of candied apples and a distinct crimson hue, Kanata offers a fresh floral fragrance and subtly sweet flavour.

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